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  Dear teachers and students:

  Hello, everyone! The topic of my speech is "success begins with faith." I"ll tell you a story

  In Africa, a lush jungle, walking four skinny men, they carry a heavy box forward, stumbled in the woods. They follow the leader into the jungle adventure, class, the captain was in task is complete disease two unfortunately buried in the jungle.

  The dying captain entrusted them with his own suitcase, and said with great sincerity, "if you can send this box to my friend"s hand, you will get something more precious than gold"

  After the burial of the captain, they will hit the road carrying a box, increasingly difficult to walk the road, their efforts are also getting smaller and smaller, but they still get up go forward. Finally one day, suddenly opened the green barrier, they experienced a lot of hard work is finally out of the jungle, the captain found a friend however, the friend said: "I have nothing at all!"


  So, I opened the box, the wood was a pile of useless! It seems such a story, captain gave them a box of useless wood, in fact, he has given the purpose of their action, so that they receive the precious than gold things of life. This story inspires us to learn, do anything it must have a clear purpose and goal.

  Deaf people and beautiful Avalokitesvara, blind man climbed Mount Qomolangma, his legs were amputated limbs and re driving the plane back to the sky. Many normal people are hard to do, but these disabled people put them into reality, it can not be surprising, more by their tenacity, moved and never give up the spirit of the main reason for their success is that faith, towards the goal, never give up.

  "Forewarned is forearmed.", set the goal, how to unremittingly to never give up, there must be a plan of action, the success of faith, this is your guide to action, is the catalyst you excavate and utilize the potential of the body.

  If you think you are very outstanding, you really will be very good; if you think small, you will fall behind; if you imagine brave, you will not fear it; if you think brilliant, you will become very great.

  Because when you do a warm-up before the action, the idea of doing every detail of the matter, sort out the mind, and then they are deeply impressed in mind, when you act, you will be handy, cope

  The students wanted to have a clear target to achieve the goal to succeed, from now on, let them in your imagination become reality -- to feel them and experience them, believe them. I believe the near future, you will see them and eventually become a reality.

  My speech is over, thank you!


  At a seminar, a famous speaker didn"t speak a prologue, but he held a $20 bill in his hand

  In the face of 200 people in the meeting room, he asked: "who wants this $20" one hand went up. Then he said: "I am going to put this $20 to one of you, but before that, please allow me to do one thing." he said the bill into a ball, and then asked: "who will" people are still held up his hand. He said: "so, if I do this" he threw the money on the ground, and set foot on one foot, and grinds it with the foot. Then he picked up the bill, the bill has become dirty wrinkled. "Now who also" there are still people who raised his hand. "My friends, you have a very interested The meaning of the class. No matter how I treat the money, you still wanted it because it did not fall, it is still worth $20. Life on the road, we will many times down by their own decision or encounter adversity, bullying or even grind to be smashed to pieces. We seem to feel worthless but no matter what happens. Or, what will happen, in the eyes of God, you will never lose your value. In his opinion, dirty or clean, neat clothing neat or not, you are still priceless "


















  四、做一个富有爱心的老师“不爱学生就教不好学生”,“爱学生就要爱每一个学生”。作为一名教师,要无私地奉献爱,处处播洒爱,使我的学生在爱的激励下,增强自信,勇于创新,不断进取,成长为撑起祖国一片蓝天的栋梁。 用质朴的心爱护学生,用诚挚的情感染学生,用精湛的教学艺术熏陶学生,用忘我的工作态度影响学生。